Trigger Point Dry-NeedlingAcupuncture is a treatment option where the use of filiform needles are employed to help provide relief for muscle pain. This is done with the help of a technique called ‘intramuscular stimulation‘. There are numerous benefits for patients who go forward with this treatment. Trigger point dry-needling is not the same as acupuncture, despite being similar. The type of needle that is used is different and provides different benefits.

Immediate Results

A patient that is receiving this therapy will notice immediate results. The filliform needles are designed to provide the strength required to help repair the muscle and reduce the inflammation that is present.

These immediate results are essential for patients who are having a troubling time with their muscle pain. The muscle pain should not lead to a depreciation in quality of life and with the help of this acupuncture technique, it is possible to see relief.

SafeThe charm of using this treatment is how safe it is for patients that are worried about the use of needles. This is a specialized, highly proven technique that has been around for decades and is valuable in reducing muscle pain as fast as you want it to be gone.

It is also critical to note this is regulated by the FDA for those who are looking to accreditation behind the use of these filliform needles.


Those who want to get rid of their muscle pain and ensure it is done in the most efficient manner possible have to look at acupuncture as the number one option.

This is an effective, high quality choice that has been used by numerous patients over the years as their ‘go to’ choice. It simply works and that is what is required the most when dealing with chronic muscle pain.

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