Hand Therapy

hand therapy

People are dependent upon their hands for most daily activities and numerous professions. When an injury occurs to a person’s hand, or a debilitating condition like arthritis develops, hand therapy can provide a unique and effective treatment solution. What are the benefits of hand therapy?


This is a series of treatments and a plan geared towards leaving out surgical procedures. Certainly some injuries and conditions require surgery, but this type of therapy is an option for many cases. Furthermore, one of the best pros about this type of hand treatment is that it is also a highly effective preventative measure as well.


This type of treatment involves therapy not only to keep your hands normally functioning but to also provide adaptation training for performing daily tasks. The training can also involve adaptive equipment if necessary. In this way, therapy is focused on recovery as a whole, and it is completely focused on the individuality of each case.

Other Benefits

Therapy for your hands can also help immensely with pain management. Sometimes splints or other devices are also required for correctional purposes. Home exercise is an important component in order to strengthen the hands, promote better dexterity and to encourage movement.

If you injured any nerves, desensitization and sensory re-education are also beneficial parts of this therapy program. Prior to going back to work, you are conditioned and cleared.

Hand Specialist

Hand Specialists are either physical therapists or occupational therapists, and they hold many certifications and years of clinical experience in dealing with patient rehabilitation centered around issues with hands.

This type of therapy program for your hands ensures maximum recovery and also management of any conditions and ongoing symptoms. If you’re struggling with your hands or upper extremities, talk to a hand specialist at ProActive Alliance today by phone at (719) 535-2757. Or use the form at the right to request an appointment.

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