Manual/Manipulative Therapy

Colorado Springs Manual Physical Therapy

There are many musculoskeletal pain and disability related issues that can be troubling for patients and can lead to short term and long term negatives with regards to their overall health. Patients who are considering going with a high quality, efficient treatment option should be taking a look at manual and manipulative therapy as their ‘go to’ option.

What are some of the benefits of the manual/manipulative therapy option and why do physical therapists and patients choose this option? Here are three reasons for manual and manipulative therapy being a requisite for your spinal concerns.

Hand DeliveredColorado Springs Manual Physical Therapy

The beauty of manual/manipulative therapy comes through it being ‘manual’. This means the specialist will look at the patient’s body and provide treatment in accordance to the person’s needs and ensure it is done with their hands.

There is no need for medication and/or related equipment to carry out this therapy.

These details matter the most for those who want high quality results and want to get rid of their pain. A hand delivered solution is optimal for those who want to skip past ineffective treatments.


A patient that goes through with this type of therapy will receive a customized treatment. Stop going with ‘cookie cutter’ options that simply do the bare minimum and nothing less. Therapy options that are not customized for your particular injury or area of concern rarely work and often will only waste time without delivering concrete results.

This treatment is designed in accordance with the patient’s personal requirements.

FastManual Therapy

Patients who are fretting over elongated treatment options that simply never end will truly appreciate manual/manipulative therapy for its ability to get to deliver results relatively fast. Don’t want to keep coming back to the clinic in the hopes this will be the last session? Many people go through these kinds of troubles and they simply refuse to go through with it. This is why it is essential to go with this type of therapy instead as a patient because the results are fast and efficient.

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